The Dollhouse Diaries

  • The First Vote

    It is officially time to vote on the very FIRST decision you will be making for the very FIRST Mini Guild Project - the theme!  
  • Introducing, The Bitty House

    I don't have too many memories of the architecture and features of the space because I was really young, like I said, but what I do remember is a feeling. It was a cool, but cozy place and when the sun came in at a certain angle it was magical. 
  • Introducing, The Mini Guild Project

    I know this year has been a rollercoaster for everyone, no matter what this year has looked like for you. But the one thing I kept coming back to is that we are all going through it together. We all know what quarantine is like now, we know how to be confused and enlightened at the same time, we know how we naturally smell after not showering or changing for days. We all did things a bit differently, sure. But we all experienced them for the first time together globally and without any kind of segregation of age, race, religion, sex, gender. etc. And that feels nice so I want to continue doing things together. I think we have all found a new appreciation of the small things and can imagine things that we never could have before after this year. Let’s use our imaginations together.
  • Awesome April Pizza Table Challenge

    With everything going on in the world right now, it might seem as if things are not-so-awesome. The virus is spreading and there's a lot of negative things we could focus on. But out of every bad situation, good things emerge. So in an effort to pump-up the positive, Chase and I have and created a challenge that anyone can participate in (because isn't that the thing to do now - besides wash you hands every five seconds?)! 
  • 3...2...1... GO!

    Dear Diary,

    It's WEBSITE DAY!! (as Chase would say)

    Which means this website is officially live (omg, omg, omg)! Honestly, I wasn't sure when this day would actually happen.