3...2...1... GO!

Dear Diary,

It's WEBSITE DAY!! (as Chase would say)

Which means this website is officially live (omg, omg, omg)! Honestly, I wasn't sure when this day would actually happen. I always knew that one day it would, but I went back and forth on the actual launch date. I'm so glad I settled back on October instead of putting it off until next year, even though there are a million things going on. I just couldn't wait!! It has truly been a labor of love and, although far from perfect, I'm so excited to throw it out there in the world and see how it does. And I definitely throw like a girl, so watch out!

Not only is this my first website ever, this is my first blog. I've always been a fan of keeping journals (some of mine date back to middle school, for real) and Instagramming (is that a word?) so an official blog was naturally the next step. Can't be much different, right? I'm probably way off base and there are seasoned Bloggers out there shaking their heads at me right now, but I have always lived my life in a mild state of naivety and prefer to stay in my own little bubble (I don't watch the news... ever) and I seem to be doing alright - so here we go!



On that note, I leave you with this thought - 


So buckle your miniature seat belts, pop the confetti, and stay tuned, because there's no telling what kinda epic stories the electronic pages of this diary will soon hold. 


big hugs and miniature love,



  • So Proud of you Amanda, it has been lonely being the only one on neighborhood watch ;) But all your hard work and drive shows… Well Done Lady! Great Job Chase xo

    Nicole Melillo
  • WOW!! Congratulations to you and Chase. What a great surprise when I opened my mail this morning. Can’t wait for more surprises. You guys rock!
    (Hmmm. I’ve got this dollhouse in my shop……..) Love, Dad


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