Awesome April Pizza Table Challenge

With everything going on in the world right now, it might seem as if things are not-so-awesome. The virus is spreading and there's a lot of negative things we could focus on. But out of every bad situation, good things emerge. So in an effort to pump-up the positive, Chase and I have and created a challenge that anyone can participate in (because isn't that the thing to do now - besides wash you hands every five seconds?)! 

For this challenge, you will only need two things:

One - a clean pizza table (you know those plastic things that come in the center of your pizza to keep the lid from squashing it).

And two - your imagination. The rest is completely optional and up to you!

The rules are as such - redesign this plastic pizza table to be something awesome! Then send in two photos of your creation by April 30th and cross your fingers! There will be one kid winner and one adult winner - so yes, two winners total! Details are listed below.


Awesome April Pizza Table Challenge

Begins: April 1st, 2020

Ends: April 30th, 2020 (at midnight)

Winner to be announced on Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

Rules: Get yourself a plastic pizza table and get creative! Use whatever means necessary to redesign this table into something awesome and make as many as you like! Submit two photos either through direct message to The Designer Dollhouse on Instagram or email to Please include a brief description of your design and materials used. 

Divisions: We are splitting this contest into two divisions - one for kids (ages 0-18) and one for adults (19+). So anyone can participate!

Prizes: The winner of the Kids Division will get a customized rubber band bracelet made by Chase with the color and pattern of their choosing! The winner of the Adult Division will get a one-on-one design consultation with me to discuss their latest dollhouse project. I will then put together a personalized package of designer materials you can use to furnish your space - ranging from wallpaper, tile, fabrics, finishes, and any other goodies I might have in the workshop! 

Hashtags: If you are so inclined to post about this contest and spread the word (which I hope you do), please use the hashtag #awesomeaprilptc so we can share the mini love! 

Good luck to all those who enter! We are super excited to see what you create!

Lastly, we just want to take this moment to say we hope you are all staying safe out there and enjoying this time, no matter how unprecedented it is. There are always things we can do to remain calm, happy, and inspired. Take this time to do the things you never have time to do and continue to live passionately.




Much love and mini hugs, 


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