Introducing, The Bitty House

    I've always had a fascination with small things (I think that goes without saying at this point). So we have decided to undertake a big, tiny project. 
Fun Fact - my first experience with a small house was when I was very little (no joke). As a baby, my mom, brother and I stayed in a small cottage right next to my Grandparents house. Like right next to it, kinda like a mother-in-law suite thing. Before you get any crazy ideas - no, I do not come from a wealthy family. But I do come from a creative, hardworking family that can figure stuff out and they built their house piece by piece and added to it over a long period of time, like since my mom was a kid. What originally started as a trailer became a great family home and next to it they built this cottage. 
And we called it the Bitty House. 
I don't have too many memories of the architecture and features of the space because I was really young when I lived there, like I said, but what I do remember is a feeling. It was hip, but cozy place and when the sun came in at a certain angle it was magical. 
Lately, I've been itching to purge almost everything I own. Part of me wants to be a minimalist and part of me is a borderline hoarder. I walk a fine line. I do believe in only keeping things that make you happy, but I also do believe I might need certain somethings for who-knows-what in the future as well. It's quite a conundrum.
I love tiny home design shows and I'm not ashamed to admit that Chase and I have spent a rainy afternoon in an RV park just checking out the merchandise and that it was amazing. How they maximize every square inch is awe-inspiring. Another fun fact - we have a contest to see who can spot the most RVs when we drive in the car. On a road trip to Orlando a few months ago (for a tiny home vacation actually) we spied over 100 collectively. Blew our minds. It's the little things. 
So in the spirit of going tiny (dollhouses are about fantasy after all, right?) we've decided to undertake designing our own tiny home from scratch! Chase even drafted up blueprints on our way home from previously mentioned road trip after a visit to a real tiny home builder (more on that at another time). 
It incorporates all your basic necessities - a place to eat, read books, lounge under a chandelier, stairs to a sleeping loft, and of course a place for Charlie to hang. And it looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. So now that we have a plan it's time to get started!
I think this will be a fun little challenge - especially since this is my first time ever doing something like this. The last time I worked with foam core was in college, but we used it to make design concept presentation boards. Another fun fact (man I am full of them) - I never actually had to make a model in design school. Crazy, right? Seems like you would at some point, but nope. 
Plus, going tiny solves the age-old dilemma of, "Where do I put this awesome, but huge dollhouse?" as I'm sure we can all relate to as we acquire our tiny real estate. And then we find a space where there is no space in order to do so. Naturally.
Anyhoo, I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go and have high hopes it will turn out great. Either way - it's gonna  be something and you'll get to see it. Tiny high-five!

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