The First Vote


Exciting news y'all!  


It is officially time to vote on the very FIRST decision you will be making for the very FIRST Mini Guild Project - the theme!  


Naturally, we need to decide what we are even going to create before we can actually, you know...begin to create it. I had two ideas in mind for this adorable abode and was on the fence about a third so I threw it to my Mini-Me (aka Chase) for some ideas. And just as I knew he would, he had a zinger.  


We did a little video that reveals the three options for the theme, shows some inspiration materials and minis we might use, and there are even some moments of comedic relief. But if you're one of those who wants to see it in writing and skip to the punchline, I've recapped it below: 


Theme Options 

  1. Surf Shack Bungalow - this is a place you come to unwind after a long surf sesh or crash to get up early to catch some waves. Envision a watercolory tropical mural, grasscloths, rattan, soft colors with a few bold hits of color (like a sunset or sunrise naturally would have), daybed for lounging, hammock outside between some palm trees, natural stones with a bit of beachy glam, but overall laid back, pretty chill vibe.  


  1. Ice Cream Shop - a fun and hip place to get a cool treat. Bright bold colors like rainbow sprinkles on top of a clean white background, a la vanilla ice cream with all the toppings. Bit of a retro meets modern flare with all the coolest ways to indulge in a sweet treat. 


  1. The Spooky Science Lab - a mysterious and dark, but not too dark, hidden lair where no telling what kind of experiments may happen (guess who's idea this was). Unassuming on the outside, but inside there are rows of apothecary jars, computers running tests, laser beams, weapons with laser beams, and big electrical devices so someone can shout, "Igor! Pull the switch!" and follow it up with an evil laugh. Might even be a trap door to an even more hidden secret lair, who knows!


Hard decision, right?!? They're all winners in my book so you really can't go wrong (see, we made the fist vote easy for ya). 


Voting ends at midnight on Saturday, January 23, 2021. 


Get your voice heard and vote counted by simply letting me know which option you prefer by - 






Or comment down below! 


Can't wait to see which theme gets chosen!






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