Hi ya, it's me


Nice to meet you!

Welcome and thanks again for wanting to learn a little about me and my world. For those of you who don't know, my name is Amanda Dillon (and for those of you who already do, hay again). I'm an Interior Designer, Mom, and Miniature Enthusiast - in a nutshell. 

My love for dollhouses began when I was a child and spent hours playing with Barbie, naturally. Overtime though, I noticed that I cared way more about her houses than her clothing and seemed to have more houses than dolls to live in them (funny enough - still true to this day). I always knew I had to do something related to creating spaces and environments, but wasn't exactly sure what to do. In senior year of high school I took an aptitude test and that was when I first learned the term Interior Designer. Immediately, I knew it was for me. 

I believe my passion for creating both real and imaginary spaces has ebbed and flowed through the years. At times, one was stronger than the other, but both have always existed since I was little. It may have started with fond memories of playing house with friends, or decorating my room with my mom's permission and encouragement (hello 80s explosion), or the various creative crafts that occupied my time. Now, I do those things with my own kiddo and design on a grander scale - for clients and myself. My garage hasn't seen a car in years because a workshop is much better use of that space nowadays. 

And just like a lot of you, I'm still learning and figuring things out (such is life). I have my own way of doing things and habits formed after years of practice and various experiences. But, I also like to make up my own rules (ask anyone who's played games with me), embrace re-dos, and go with the flow. When things are right, they feel right - no matter the means of getting there or the scale. That feeling is what I strive for on every project, big or small. 

This is my journey and I welcome you to it, again. It changes on a whim and is a bit clumsy at times, but oh so fun. Hope you'll be a little part of it. 


Rewind! Mini flashback to my thoughts from over a year ago for your viewing pleasure.